Weekly Flower Delivery – Corporate

Product Description

Life is beautiful. And we believe that flowers bring that beauty to people’s attention.
Being around nature’s most beautiful blooms can significantly improve your mood, reduce stress, and boost productivity.

Put fresh flowers in your office/work place –  staff will notice and appreciate the brightness it’ll add to their day!

Put fresh flowers in your reception area – it will build on your professional brand image, and help your clients feel more welcome.

No matter what your business – restaurant, condo, dental practice, hair salon, law office, IT company, fitness club, accounting firm, retail store  – we guarantee that fresh flowers will add beauty and elevate not only the mood but overall impression of the venue!

Ladybug Florist offers weekly flower deliveries to your business.

This custom service includes   

  • onsite visit to determine what is required
  • custom design tailored to you brand and budget
  • vase/container rental – so no need to purchase and store glassware
  • weekly refresh service – so no need to worry about tossing out the old flowers, washing the vase. We look after it!
  • weekly pick up/delivery – our driver picks up the old arrangement and delivers a beautiful fresh new one each week

Call us today at 416-922-9971 or send us an email at staff@ladybugflorist for more details! We’d love to hear from you!