Stargazer Lily bouquet

$ 55.00

Product Description

These dramatic Stargazer lilies are known for their bold bright blooms, longevity and their fragrant and heady perfume. But they also have many meanings in the language of flowers. For instance….

The personal meaning is perseverance and optimism.  They tell people to stay true to themselves and never lose hope. That they are loved and valued for themselves.  

They also mean “you are a star!”.  Celebrities will often send Stargazer lilies on opening night to bring success and fame to the performers in the show. 

The stargazer lily also stands for abundance and prosperity. So they are also often sent to bring good fortune and wealth.

Whichever message – the flowers speak for themselves. They are gorgeous!

This lovely wrapped bouquet comes with 7 large stems of Stargazers and fresh green foliage. Perfect to set into a vase at home.