Kew Gardens

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Product Description

Our Kew Gardens arrangement is named after the much loved park in the Beaches.

Kew Gardens Park was originally a farm, but it was opened as a genteel amusement park for tourists in 1879.  Visitors to the park would come from in from the city via the Queen Street on horse drawn tramway. (The 501 streetcar wasn’t electrified until 1893) It was soon a popular spot for people relax, enjoy a picnic, listen to music and admire the pretty flowers.  

Inspired by the tidy rows of brightly coloured flowers you can still find in the park today – the Kew Gardens arrangement features brightly coloured gerbera daisies, thai orchids and fresh local foliage in a keepsake container.  

So even if you don’t have time to visit the park – you can pretend you are there, while you admire these pretty blooms.