Winter Fireworks – the Amaryllis

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Product Description

Every winter – customers come in and say ” Wow!” 

Everybody wants to know.  What is that? Is it real?

It’s the Amaryllis.

These plants are amazing.  The bulbs start off as a simple green plant, but within a few days/weeks – they grow and change. Before you know it, they grow taller and taller and then explode into giant bright blooms.

Each year, we search for the largest amaryllis bulbs we can find. We do that because we know that the larger the bulb, the larger the bloom. So when these bloom – they are spectacular!

And once they flower, they will last a very long time.  Best of all, with a bit of care and watering they will flower once again next year! It’s like 2 gifts in one.

The plant arrives in it’s green state already potted in a decorative pot – ready to grow.

All it needs is some water and watch it bloom!

(note – this item is only available in December)