We the North

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Product Description

Okay as Canadians, we sometimes are thought to be a little shy.

We don’t like boast or brag. It just feels a little embarrassing.   We get that.

But sometimes we just have to! 

Look around you.

What could be better than – the Raptors and having the first ever NBA final in Canada?  We are so proud!

Then how about Blue Jays? – remember they won the first ever World Series outside of the U.S. Amazing!

And The Leafs! (okay – I don’t know what to say)

Not to mention our beautiful natural waterways and forests – they are gorgeous.  And what about the Canadian health care system? Gay marriage? Legalized weed?  All pretty awesome.

And my favourite (notice the “u” in there) – we don’t have that president like they do in that other country (we all know which one, right?). 

We have a lot to be proud of in this country!  Shout it out!

“We the North” celebrates all that makes Canada great.

Locally grown blooms and foliage accented with what else – but red maple leaves. 

Perfect for the home, the party, the long weekend – or  the cottage (naturally 🙂