SunflowersImportant Plant Care


Flowers last much longer in a cool environment. They like cool but be careful no to freeze them.


Bacteria in the water and in the stems will cause your flowers to wilt, rot and die – sometimes in as little as a day. Make sure your vase is squeaky clean.

Remove leaves from the bottom of the stems. If they are in the water they will decay and promote nasty bacteria.

Use floral preservative. It’s free at Ladybug! It is antibacterial – and will keep your water from going swampy. 

If the water in your vase looks/smells clean simply top it up with fresh water. If it looks suspicious – change it.


Flowers need water to survive. Stems close up as they age, or if they dry out. Use a sharp clean knife on a cutting board to cut stems at home. Don’t use scissors as they will pinch the delicate veins in the stems shut. 

Enjoy your flowers!