Bright Beginnings

$ 95.00

Product Description

We like this arrangement for the New Year.  Why? 

Because while the blooms are nestled safely in a glass bubble, the fresh green blooms are optimistically looking out. Looking out and looking forward to the bright new year coming.  Just like us!

We have carried this beautiful item for many years (due to it’s overwhelming popularity) and when Covid prevented us from imported the flower stems – we had to temporarily remove it from the website.

But guess what? It’s back! We fortunately found a local Ontario greenhouse that is growing these spectacular blooms! Hurray. We are delighted to be able to offer this beautiful arrangement to our customers again!

So for anyone seeking pure, natural beauty, this striking presentation of a single tall cymbidium orchid stem, with a swirl of fresh green leaves, is simplicity perfected.  Spectacular in any setting. The vase filled with the beautiful locally grown orchid blooms measure approx. 2 feet tall!  It’s a beauty!