DIY Christmas Tree

$ 49.00

Product Description

Let’s face it. Christmas might be a bit weird this year.   So how do you make the best of it?

Relax. Enjoy. And celebrate in a small way.

Our “DIY Christmas Tree” is a fun small way to celebrate.

First we start with the tree.  We send you a live table top Norfolk Island Pine tree in a decorative waterproof pot. That’s a good start.  And we also send along some ornaments and ornament hooks so you can decorate your little tree. That’s fun.

And then we add on a Christmas themed gift. These could be Chocolates, festive napkins, or a little stuffed toy, or other holiday gift – just for a little extra Christmas surprise.

It’s activity and a gift all in one! 

(Suitable for children and adults. If you’d like us to tailor to one or the other – just let us know at time of order.)