Luxury collection – Hawaii

$ 195.00

Product Description

This is simplicity at its finest!  

An eye-catching stem of fuchsia orchid blooms draws the eye to the lush textures and a perfect geometry of succulents. This pairing of a lush orchid plant with a succulent – as would be found growing in Hawaii speaks of luxury. 

Placed in a large clear moon shaped statement vase – it lends itself to a modern terrarium look. Each element of this piece shines in it’s own way to create a look of perfect balance and design.  A long lasting floral installment that will bring a modern flair to any space, this gift is one they will never forget. Arrangement includes stem of orchids,  succulents, and tropical foliage with vase. Approx. 45cm x 45 cm (18″H x 18″W)