Lovable Sloth

$ 14.95

Product Description

The slothbear is one of natures most charming and peaceful creatures.

It’s a gentle slow moving vegetarian, that spends most of it’s life resting or sleeping in its home in the trees. Who can resist this peaceful adorable little animal? Its so cute and huggable!  It’s like a furry version of of a couch potato! (now that’s really a distasteful mixed metaphor!)

He has big furry ears and a big nose and loads of appeal.

He is made of ultra soft materials by Wild Republic.

Wild Republic is a prestigious line that has been delighting customers with their nature-related toys since 1979. It has garnered the praise and endorsement of some of the most prominent conservation organizations in the world including Audubon, National Geographic, The Natural History Museum, and the Australia Zoo.

Part of the proceeds of the sale of these items supports wildlife protection initiatives around the world.

Ladybug florist is proud to be associated with this premier Canadian company and be able to offer this premium line to our customers.