Let’s go to Hawaii!

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Product Description

The gorgeous and unusual Bromiliad is a native of Hawaii. 

The plant sprouts an enormous pink or red central flower. These flowers are incredibly long lasting. And once the flower is done, the plant will send up a new shoot (called a pup) and start the whole process again.

The most unique part of this plant is that you water it inside the cup of the flower!

This replicates its native conditions in the tropical rain forests of Hawaii where it would get its water from collecting it in the cup of it’s flower from the tropical morning dew.


So after a long winter, and then a long period of staying at home – this beautiful flower reminds us that there are still sunny skies and warm days ahead. And that even though we can’t go to Hawaii right now, we can bring a little bit of it to visit us here in Canada.

Plant arrives in a waterproof decorative ceramic pot so it’s ready to place on a table at home.