Orchid on Glass

These magnificent flowering orchid plants are breathtaking!

Live plants suspended floating on gel beads in a tall statement vase.

Will bloom for months! And reflower again and again with minimal care.

Send this beautiful gift today.

$ 69.95


This soft pastel coloured centerpiece is designed with Spring in mind.

Soft spring colours in soft pastel pinks, yellow, greens and blues.

Fresh spring blooms – such as hydrangea, tulips, garden flox, lilies  and roses.  All  of these beautiful lush flowers in season.

Perfect for an Easter dinner party, or as a hostess gift to decorate the Passover Seder table. 

The Riverdale arrangement is fresh and joyous and make us celebrate the return of spring!

$ 75.00

In Season


$ 75.00

Fresh Zensational

$ 100.00

Classic Boxed Roses

$ 60.00

The Rosedale

$ 95.00

Ward’s Island Picnic

$ 95.00

Flowering Azalea

$ 45.00

Classic White Winter

$ 135.00

White Botanical Centerpiece

$ 130.00